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One: Toward a More Substantial Unity was a free webinar event that was hosted on March 29th @ 2 pm MST. We talked about AMBER and the kind of renewal we are striving for. We also talked about our vision for unity within the CBWC and how we might work toward it.

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The Implanted Word is a free conference that we will be hosting at First Baptist in Calgary on May 31st – June 1st just prior to Assembly. Our first session will begin in the evening on the 31st and we hope to wrap it up in the early afternoon on the 1st. We hope that you, the delegates of your church, and perhaps even some members will consider coming to Calgary a day earlier to take in this conference.

We will be talking about the doctrine of the Word of God and the important place of Scripture in the life of the church. Again, more information will be coming as well as details about registration.

Registration is now Open, Register Here